Others Believe, Your Home, Has CHARM?

For a variety of reasons, most homeowners, at one point, or another, determine, it’s time, to sell their home. This may be related to their financial change – in – status, the need to relocate, family changes, aging, personal housing requirement/ needs, etc. For whatever the reason, however, it is important, to realize, and recognize, houses, listed on the real estate market, compete with others, and, it is often, the CHARM of a particular house, which makes it more attractive, than the competition. With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly consider, explore, review, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, what this means and represents, and some realistic strategies, etc.

1. Characteristics: This concept and approach, begins with clearly examining and considering, the main, as well as minor characteristics, of your home. Is the home, welcoming, and free of clutter, distractions, or, anything which might turn – off, rather than attract, qualified, potential buyers? Begin the process, by driving up, to your home, as a buyer might, and consider the true, curb appeal, in an objective manner. What is positive, and what is less so? Examine exterior grounds, including the lawn, flower beds, grooming, and whether it appears loved, and well – cared for! Is the style of your house, the most desirable one? In most regions, colonial – style houses, attract the highest prices, while cape cod – style, ones, receive the lowest offers. Then, examine, the first impression, a potential buyer, might feel, based on appearance, aromas, clutter, rooms, etc. Try to create a focus on the strongest assets of your particular house!

2. Heating system; heart: Prospective buyers, generally, seek an efficient, modern, quiet, heating system, as well as what, is known as, Heating/ Ventilation/ Air – Conditioning, or HVAC. Will others feel a warmth and attention, to the home, based on its heart, character, and service? How energy – efficient, and what other factors, might make the difference, buyers seek?

3. Areas; attention: Before you put your home, on the market, do a thorough review, of all areas, in, and around the house! Pay keen attention, and address inherent weaknesses, and those, which might impact, the potential, selling price!

4. Region; realistic: Know your neighborhood, and the surrounding areas. Understand its strengths and weaknesses, and understand, how, that might impact, what others might be willing, to pay. These regional considerations include: safety; convenience; schools; transportation; neighbors; etc.

5. Median; make mark: How will you price your house? Objectively consider how yours, compares with the competition, and do so, realistically! If you hope for your property to make its mark, and attract the best possible, qualified buyers, you need, to know the median price, existing market, etc, and price, the house, correctly, from the start!

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