Difference, For Home – Sellers?

For most homeowners, who seek to achieve the best, possible results, when they make the challenging decision, to sell their houses, the goal, often, is to obtain the highest – possible, available price, in the shortest period of time, with the least, possible hassle! This means, proceeding, with time – tested ideas, and procedures/ processes, focused on achieving these objectives. For some, this means, staging their houses, in order, to entice qualified, potential buyers, to take more notice, and hopefully, help those, with limited vision, better visualize, what is possible, and how, the particular house, distinguishes itself, from the rest, of the pack. With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly examine, consider, review and discuss, some of the purposes of staging, and why, it often, makes a difference, in marketing and selling a home.

1. Room sizes: When staging is properly done, how one positions, furniture, how much (or little) furniture and furnishings (including light fixtures, window coverings, etc) is used, often addresses the limitations, some buyers might be concerned about, regarding the size of particular rooms, etc. The right size, amount, type, and position of these items, might make a significant difference, and attract more positive attention.

2. Appearance: One only gets one – chance, to make a first – impression! When potential buyers, as well as real estate agents, view your home, the possibilities are exponentially enhanced/ improved, when/ if, they become able to visualize themselves, living there, and proud of doing so! Reducing clutter, and other distractions, changing the overall appearance by replacing worn, or uninspiring furniture and furnishings, with more attractive items, often differentiates a particular house, from the competition.

3. Why should a buyer choose your house? Whether there is a buyers, sellers, or balanced, real estate market, there is always competition, for attracting potential, qualified buyers, to make attractive offers, for your house. In a buyers market, especially, when there are far more sellers, than real buyers, this added emphasis, often, helps, bring out, the best qualities, of your home, and emphasize the strengths, and minimize the weaknesses! In a sellers’ market, this may, help create, enough interest and motivation, to get, higher prices, etc. In a balanced market – place, there is a little – bit, of both, involved, in the purposes of staging a property.

If you want to sell your house, might staging be beneficial? Since professional stagers, often charge significant fees, etc, always evaluate doing so, on a costs/ rewards basis.

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